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C Series Grand Pianos

O'Briain Pianos install and tune new Yamaha Grand pianos delivered direct to you from our UK supplier.
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Yamaha C6X SH Silent Piano

Yamaha C6X SH Silent Piano
RRP: 39,260.00 | Our Price: 37,500.00 | Currency Converter
Free Ireland & UK Nationwide Delivery | New Adjustable Matching Stool | 6 Month Warranty

Benefiting from improvements in both resonance and expressive control, C series grands are the product of Yamaha's commitment to detail. Yamaha's commitment to the continuous re-evaluation of the core processes of sound creation has made the grand pianos of the C series the best-selling grand pianos in the world. The technically-demanding regulation process that is essential to a grand piano's superior tone is given special emphasis in these instruments. Countless hours have been spent perfecting the hammers, strings, and the balance of the damping mechanism, with the final goal of rendering each and every note faithful to the intentions of the pianist. Long a preferred choice of knowledgeable pianists, Yamaha C Series grand pianos set the standards by which other grands are measured. Today's C Series, recently redesigned to incorporate a host of new refinements, offers a balanced selection of seven outstanding instruments all at a single high standard of professional performance.

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