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Disklavier Grand Pianos

O'Briain Pianos install and tune new Yamaha Grand pianos delivered direct to you from our UK supplier.
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Yamaha DC1XE3 Disklavier Grand Piano

Yamaha DC1XE3 Disklavier Grand Piano
RRP: 33,360.00 | Our Price: 31,950.00 | Currency Converter
RFree ireland & UK Nationwide Delivery | New Adjustable Matching Stool | 6 Month Warranty

The C1X is the smallest of Yamaha's CX Series Grand Pianos. At 5'3" it can comfortably fit into a variety of environments such as small concert venues and large rooms. The excellent balance and touch make this a fabulous choice for any maestro. Being part of the premier CX Series, the CX1 benefits from the finest Yamaha engineering; with the finest quality components and construction. The CX1 also comes in a classic, aesthetically pleasing form; perfect for any setting. Featured here with the Yamaha Disklavier E3 system fitted, the CX1 is transformed into an incredible show. Perfect for those looking for the ultimate piano experience, the Disklavier E3 system transforms this instrument, revolutionising our idea of the piano.

Yamaha DC2XE3 Disklavier Grand Piano

Yamaha DCXE3 Disklavier grand Piano
Our Price: 29,888.00 | 
Currency Converter
Part of the legendary CX Series, the Yamaha C2X combines power and subtlety in a small case. Its clear, crisp tone comes from the high quality Yamaha action and redesigned soundboard, whilst the C2X draws its strength from its high quality cabinetry; built by Yamaha's master technicians. An excellent option for anyone looking to purchase the perfect piano to not only develop, but master their art. This particular instrument comes fitted with the Yamaha Disklavier E3 system, transforming the C2X into a musical centrepiece. Perfect for anyone looking to get more than just an instrument.

Yamaha DGB1K E3 Disklavier Grand Piano

Yamaha DGB1K E3 Disklavier Grand Piano
RRP: 22,340.00 | Our Price: 20,940
.00 | Currency Converter

At approximately 5 ft. deep, the GB1 combines the grand piano experience with a price and size far more accessible to the average pianist. An excellent instrument, with the vocal and aesthetic versatility to fit into a range of small halls and homes. With the addition of the Yamaha Disklavier E3 system, the GB1 can be transformed into a multi-faceted music hub, and a centrepiece for the home. It is discretely fitted to as to leave the GB1's classic looks unchanged.

Yamaha DGC1 E3 Disklavier Grand Piano

Yamaha DGC1 E3 Disklavier Grand Piano
RRP: 28,740.00 | Our Price: 27,490.00 | Currency Converter

The GC1's 5'3" cabinetry balances being compact with providing excellent sound quality and acoustic range. The instruments bright sound is excellently complimented by a rich bass; providing a well-rounded piano capable of any style of play. With a wide range of finishes available, the Yamaha GC1 is perfect for pianists of all levels, from beginner to maestro. This, along with the fact it can easily fit into any environment, be that a small hall or a large home makes it a brilliant choice for any pianist. This GC1 also comes with the Yamaha Disklavier E3 system fitted. An excellent choice for anyone looking for a piano that's more than just an instrument. This is the centrepiece to any room, capable of providing hours of entertainment, excitement and inspiration.

Yamaha DGC2 E3 Disklavier Grand Piano

Yamaha DGC2 E3 Disklavier Grand Piano
RRP: 30,540.00 | Our Price: 29,260.00 | Currency Converter

The GC2's large cabinetry provides the basis for a superb sound, with a bright mid-range and rich bass. The GC2 is a popular choice with many accomplished musicians looking for a piano that gives the sound and aesthetic majesty of a grand piano at a great values price. The large range of finishes on offer means that this instrument can be effortlessly tailored to your needs. Here, with the Yamaha Disklavier E3 system fitted to revolutionise your grand piano experience. With auto play modes, as well as a large speaker system, this instrument is the perfect centrepiece for any room. A staple of the fine dining and hotel scene also, this instrument is capable of providing hours of entertainment.

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