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In House Basic Restoration
Have your upright or grand piano brought back to Former Glory in the comfort of home.

Cathal O'Briain provides complete piano refinishing services in your home without the piano being taken away to a workshop.

This process takes several hours, and in the end, your piano looks and sounds like its old self, refinished inside and out. 

Here is what's involved in the process:

Brass Trimmings are removed and refinished
Case is lightly stripped, oiled and stained
Internal mechanism and keys are removed
Piano is thoroughly cleaned internally
Action is pressure blasted outdoors
Certain parts are replaced (springs/tapes)
Action is re-centred and hammers aligned
All screws are tightened and points oiled
Keys are cleaned, repaired and buffed
Pedals are regulated, oiled, and buffed
Manufacturers logo is enhanced if brass
Brass screw tips are refinished and fitted
Name board felt is replaced with new one
Castor wheels are lubricated and/or repaired
Action is regulated and free play removed
Piano is tuned to pitch and ready to play
Total Cost: 700.00
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