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New Steinmayer SG-143 Baby Grand

New Steinmayer SG143 Grand Piano (Available in Black Polish only) 

Being the ideal choice for smaller environments, the good looking Steinmayer SG143 baby grand piano offers superb sound quality and playability at an affordable price. The Steinmayer SG143 Grand Piano is designed and engineered by the German piano maker Lother Schell and is assembled in the far east. In 1998, Steinmayer Pianos were awarded the ISO International Quality Certificate and now export to 68 countries worldwide. The Steinmayer Mark 2 Series was introduced in 2000, with their high level technical specifications they have been long established as one of the best selling pianos in the UK & Ireland, with the Steinmayer S108 in particular being voted the best selling baby grand model in the latest retail survey by the prestigious music trades magazine MI Pro.

The instrument is versatile and dynamic, with a medium responsive touch and even depth of tone throughout. The sound produced is resonant, rich, vibrant and clear, with a full crisp presence, potent bass register, mellow acoustics, and significant volume for its compact size. An ideal baby grand for the learner, but suitable also for the well seasoned professional or music teacher. Ideal for all grades and the No.1 choice of players who want a compact instrument, but one that doesn't compromise on sound quality, and that is the most affordable.



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