Free Pianos for Charities

O'Briain Pianos help charities in Ireland to aid in the development of free musical education for children, teenagers and adults with a desire to play an instrument, in particular, the piano. If you know of any charity that could benefit from having a piano, call us today and we will donate a refurbished, tuned, and ready to play upright piano. Individuals of all ages and all abilities can benefit from music therapy. Previously, music therapy has been used to support emotional, cognitive and social development in many populations. Music therapy may help to promote wellness by managing stress, enhancing memory, and improving communication.
Group_ShotSharing the Journey
We donated an upright piano and stool to 'Sharing the Journey' who support parents and families of d/Deaf and hard of hearing children. There was an air of excitement as the piano was being delivered. We hope it brings happiness to all who go there for assistance, including the staff, who's untiring work is widely known and appreciated by many parents and families around the country. Sharing the Journey is an independent organisation established by parents of d/Deaf and hard of hearing children. Their goal is to provide information and support to other parents of d/Deaf and hard of hearing children, regardless of the communication, education and technological decisions they have made or will make for their children. This means they support you whether your child speaks or signs; whether he attends mainstream or special school; whether he has a cochlear implant or not. We welcome all parents and all children and strive to maintain a culture of mutual respect at all times. For more information visit:
Mullingar Resource Centre
We donated a upright piano and stool to Mullingar Resource Centre to help the team out with the current music classes running each day for adults with intellectual disabilities. When the piano arrived there was a cue of eager learners waiting to play and a great atmosphere of music being created by all the wonderful people who work and learn at the centre.

Restored Broadwood White (Donated to Koins for Kids Irish Charity)


Koins for Kids
We are a small voluntary charity putting all our efforts into the funding of whatever essential life-saving equipment "The New Children's Hospital" will need once building is complete. We started repatriating Non-Euro currencies and collecting discarded bus refund tickets approximately two years ago and have accumulated in excess of 50,000. We intend to make a big difference to these children that suffer for reasons beyond their control. We believe that if you gain financially from charity that it is not charity, it is a job. And we stick to this ethos.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, yours sincerely, Liam Duggan. (Chairperson and Founder) Barbara Lloyd (Secretary) Peter Fairbairn (Accountant)
Address: 5 Kingston Hall, Harolds Grange Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18, D18 HO18. Phone: 0860858521, Email: