Piano Transport Ireland, UK & Europe

We safely and securely transport all sizes, shapes, makes and models of upright piano, baby grands, grand pianos, or any other type of musical instrument within Ireland, and from Ireland to the UK, EU, and Internationally. We use the correct equipment, trained movers, and when shipping abroad, your piano is protected from climate and environment.

Ireland Transport Cost:
Upright Piano: 250 (+ Tuning & Basic Service: 300)
Baby Grand Piano: 350 (+ Tuning & Basic Service: 450)
Grand Piano: 450 (+ Tuning & Basic Service: 550)
Full Size Concert Grand Piano: 850 (+ Full Tuning & Basic Service: 1,000)

Ireland to UK Transport Cost:
Upright Piano: 750
Baby Grand Piano: 950
Grand Piano: 1,200
Full Size Concert Grand Piano: 1,500

Ireland to France + Belgium Transport Cost:
Upright Piano: 1,500
Baby Grand Piano: 2,000
Grand Piano: 2,500
Full Size Concert Grand Piano: 3,000

Quotes are available for international shipping and short/long term storage. We help you ship your instrument to almost any country on the map! 
For more information call: 0353 87 149 7607   General Enquiries: obriainpianos@gmail.com

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