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Restoration, Re-Building, Reconditioning, French Polishing

A full piano restoration and/or French Polishing involves taking your piano to a workshop for three weeks.
Piano re-building and high quality refinishing. Repairs (cracks, scratches, damaged surfaces). French polishing, spray painting, variety of lacquer finishes. Colour matching, gloss and matt finishes. Stripping, Cleansing, Oiling and Waxing. Veneer Repair, replacement, and marquetry veneering. Internal overhaul, service, regulation, voicing and repair. Repair and refinishing the soundboard. Frame repair, re-guilding, and re-shimming. Spring, felt, leather, buckskin, and pad replacement. Key top repair, buffing, and/or replacement. Hammer head and shank repair, and/or replacement. Pedal Lyre rebuilding, and/or replacement. Fabric repair, banding, and re-lining the back section. Internal pressure blasting and lubricating the points. Cast bronze installation, artist plaques, gold, brass, and copper. Mother of Pearl repair, and/or replacement. Piano stool repair and restoration of wood and fabric. Castor wheel repair, and/or replacement. Makers logo enhancement, and/or replacement. Gold and silver filigree repair and touch-up's.


O'Briain Pianos provide basic restoration services in your home without the piano being taken to a workshop. This process takes from 3 to 5 hours.

Here is what's involved in the process:
Case is oiled and waxed (refreshing the wood and bringing back shine). Brass trimmings, screws, pedals, and manufacturers logo are refinished. Name board felt is removed and replaced with a new one (brown, red or blue). Case is repaired (cracks, scratches, damaged surfaces are filled). Keys and action are removed; piano is thoroughly cleaned and pressure blasted free of dirt and dust. Free play is removed from keys, action, rods and pedals. Castor wheels are lubricated.
Tapes, springs and felts are replaced if necessary. Internal points and moving parts are lubricated. Hammers, jacks and dampers are re-aligned. Hammers are voiced if necessary. Pins are tightened if necessary. Pedals are regulated and repaired. Action is regulated and fully tuned.
Total Cost: 500

Have your piano or any musicial instrument French Polished by hand to a fine, as new standard, bringing your cherished piece back to its former glory. Your instrument or piece of furniture is taken to a workshop and carefully prepared, sanded, filled, repaired and then French Polished by hand using age-old skills, techniques and craftsmanship. If you are getting your piano French Polished, the brass trimmings and manufacturers logo are refinished to complement the overall appearance.

French polishing is a wood finishing technique that results in a very high gloss surface, with a deep colour and chatoyancy. French polishing consists of applying many thin coats of shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol using a rubbing pad lubricated with one of a variety of oils. The rubbing pad is made of absorbent cotton or wool cloth wadding inside of a piece of fabric (usually soft cotton cloth) and is commonly referred to as a fad, also called a rubber. French Polishing is a process, not a material. The main material is shellac, although there are several other shellac-based finishes, not all of which class as French polishing. The finish is considered by many to be among the most beautiful ways to finish highly figured wood, but it is also recognised to be fragile. It is softer than modern varnishes and lacquers and is particularly sensitive to spills of water or alcohol, which may produce white cloudy marks. However, it is also simpler to repair than a damaged varnish finish, as patch repairs to French polish may be easily blended into an existing finish. From Wikipedia

UPRIGHT PIANO COST: 900 (French Polished by Hand & Brass Restored)
BABY GRAND PIANO COST: 1,500 (French Polished by Hand & Brass Restored)

GRAND PIANO COST: 1,800 (Full Body Prime, Respray & Brass Restored)
CONCERT GRAND PIANO COST: 2,500 (Full Body Prime, Respray & Brass Restored)


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