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Ritter Acoustic Overstrung Upright Piano - Ideal for All Grades

A superb instrument with high quality components and rich acoustic tone. Tall high sheen Ebony Polyester case, long strings for a broader tone, and large soundboard for greater volume and presence. This piano was built in 2013, but with very little use, no internal wear, and was tuned annually. Full 88 keyboard, weighted keys, responsive medium touch, potent bass and strong Tenor, bright high end, mellow mid range, cast iron frame, internal underdamping, three brass pedals with protective brass pedal plate, renewed trimmings throughout, regulated, and tuned to Concert Pitch.

Comes with new adjustable German stool, free delivery, five year warranty (Leinster), and is tuned on arrival. Tuning annually is 80 (Leinster)