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We buy used quality pianos and are especially interested in working with pianos made by Steinway, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Henry F. Miller, Knabe, Mason & Risch, Sohmer, Bush & Lane, Estonia, McPhail, Haines Bros., Foster, Ivers & Pond, Kranich & Bach, Decker, Gibbons & Stone, Kurtzman, Schomacker, Biasus, Fischer, Heintzman, Bennet, Steiff, George Steck, Chickering, George Rogers, J.J. Hopkinson, Kawai, Grotian Steinweg, Ritmuller, Steingraeber, W. Hoffmann, Bentley, Sauter, Seiler, Haessler, Knabe, Schulze Pollmann, Albert Weber, W. Hoffmann, Stewart & Sons, Charles R. Walter, Bechstein, Fazoli, Bluthner and other fine piano makers. If your piano is none of the above but is of high quality and by a top maker, please email 10 images of both the case and internals to: obriainpianos@gmail.com