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Weber USA


(5'8") 1920 Weber by Aeolian Baby Grand Piano

The reputable Weber Piano Company was based in New York City  and East Rochester, New York from the middle of the 19th century through the beginning of the 20th century, and continued as a division of Aeolian-American at East Rochester, New York until 1985. They were known for building high quality pianos using the very finest of woods and material components. Their pianos were shipped worldwide, and to a very big audience for a long time.

This Weber Baby grand in dark Rosewood veneer was completely rebuilt in 2000 including new strings, guilded frame, new felts throughout, rebuilt action with new hammer heads and partial hammer shank replacement, new dampers, stripped and refinished case, renewed brassworks, and fully restored to former glory. When the piano was originally built, it had a self playing mechanism. In the 1970's the mechanism was removed to improve play and overall sound quality and this month we have fitted new pedal rods and damper mechanism for effective sustaining. 

The tone is full and rounded with nicely weighted responsive ivory keys, all perfectly in tact. The soundboard projects good volume and presence and it plays very well for its age. Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced.

Comes with five year warranty and new stool